Emily and I were walking through Home Depot in Maple Grove, MN to buy a few things for our garden. As we walked closer to the garden center, we heard chirping. We followed it to the source; a 5 gallon pale bungie tied to a cart on wheels.

The nest was flipped upside down in the pale. It was obvious someone had deliberately thrown them away. When I lifted the nest, underneath we found 4 baby birds stuck in the trash; one hiding under a broken glass light fixture.

When I asked the cashier in the garden center if she knew who threw the birds in the garbage, she acted very strange and did not want to talk about it.

Another employee explained that the cashier was new to the store. Perhaps she doesn’t know what to do when a person comes across a bird’s nest. Certainly not put them in the trash.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was closed at the time, so we took them home. After feeding the baby birds Fancy Feast (Seafood Feast Flavor), we took them to the Center the next day.

Hopefully the mom isn’t too worried about her little guys.