DIY Piercing can save you a good amount of money. Rather than going to a shop and paying $30+, you can do the same for about $5.

1. Choose Lip Ring Size
You can use whichever gauge you prefer, just make sure the size of your needle matches the size of your ring.

For example:
Buy 16 Gauge Sterilized Piercing Needle16 Gauge Ring = OK!
Buy 14 Gauge Sterilized Piercing Needle + 14 Gauge Ring = OK!
(Either gauge works great for your lip!)

I blindly chose the ring at a kiosk at the mall. It did not show the size of the ring, which turned out to be larger than the 16 gauge needle I used. Bad deal.

2. Clean The Area:
Be sure to clean your lip, needle, and ring with Isopropyl Alcohol. You do not want your lip to become infected by some gross germs.

3. Go for it! 
Don’t be afraid, just do it! Push it through in one fluid motion. The pain only lasts a second and its done. You may feel a little shaky from the slight adrenaline rush. It’s actually kind of exciting. No ice needed. I’ve found that icing your lip beford hand makes the area more sensitive.

Note: Since I had a dimple where my old piercing scarred up, I wanted to hit the same area, to avoid having 2 holes in my lip. You should pierce your lip from the inside, out. Not the other way around.

4. Regularly Clean Your Piercing:

Again, keeping your piercing free from infection is the most important thing. Use Sea Salt to clean around the piercing at least once a day.

5. Look awesome!

Let me know in the comments how it goes for you! Good luck!