March 5, 2024
Bo Weber
Number of discs: 1

On Mother’s Day May 14, 2017, Bo Weber released his self-produced, debut album, ‘Wendy’ — a collection of songs dedicated to his mother who sadly passed away from Ovarian Cancer at the early age of fifty years old. Bo then teamed up with Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA) and donated 100% of physical album proceeds to women battling the same disease.

Bo then continued his mother’s mission of making the deadly disease known as “The Silent Killer” silent no more by securing featured news stories in the Pioneer Press, WCCO Radio, WEAU 13, and many others.

‘Wendy’ is a raw confessional of the distance Bo set between himself and his mother during her battle with Ovarian Cancer. In the writing process, Bo finds himself caught in the emotional journey of revisiting loss’ darkest moments, causing a relapse into heartache, anger, and depression. However, through the reading of books left by his mother, Bo discovers his life purpose, enabling him to obtain true happiness.

Accompanied by the release of ‘Wendy’, Bo premiered his music video ‘Right Here’, a story that opens up about the painful guilt and regret he was left with after her passing, which led to his self-destructive downward spiral. ‘Wendy’ includes intimate bonus content such as voicemail recordings from his mother, along with other personal audio clips that are sure to move you deeply.


Comparable to the sounds of Troye Sivan and LANY,  Bo’s vocals tell an impactful story over nostalgic, dream-pop instrumentals; a musical accomplishment the modern generation can easily appreciate.

Photographed by Minnesota native Matt Vogel, (Jared Leto, Hoodie Allen), Bo assimilates the album cover to the challenges of his mother’s life. “A struggle through the darkest valleys, where weakened spirits will die. The ascending of painfully steep trails with plateaus which provide temporary relief once conquered, yet only to be met with the descend, while continuous trials lie just ahead. The beautiful, limitless sky patiently awaits for those, who near the end of their journey, have truly given their heart and soul.”

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